Separation by supplier

Use this if your suppliers deliver coffee already separated into parts

Change Origin Settings

  1. Under 'Coffee Separation' select 'Separation by supplier'.
  2. Define at least 2 default parts.
  3. Optional: You may choose to enter default price per unit, process, pile and project.
  4. Press 'Save Settings'

You must define at least 2 default parts in order to use using 'Separation by supplier.' These cannot be changed when creating batches.

You may enter a different price per unit for each part when using 'Separation by supplier.'

Create a Batch

  1. In Step 1, select a supplier. For each of the default parts you must enter the weight received from that supplier.
  2. Continue to add suppliers, entering each part weight individually.
  3. In Step 2, the weights from all suppliers are summed up by part.
  4. Press 'Create batch'