Troubleshooting the RoR from RI

In this article you will learn how to troubleshoot the RoR when it is enabled for Bean temp. from the Machine preferences, but it does not display from your roasts' graph.


Checking the RoR is turned on

Verify the RoR button for Bean temp. is enabled.

  1. From Roasting Intelligence (RI), go to Account > Preferences > Machine tab.
  2. If the RoR button is toggled Green, the RoR is enabled.

Note: If you are checking the RoR is enabled for a measurement other than Bean temp, also verify the Chart checkbox* is enabled.

The RoR is on but I can't see it on my graph

If the RoR is enabled, but you can't see it from the graph during a roast, it is likely that the settings configured display the RoR off chart

To identify whether the RoR is displaying off chart, refer to the Time expression set, and the RoR's max range for the Y-axis.

Hint: The RoR's Time expression is recommended to be set in alignment with the RoR's Max range set.

For example, if you have the Time expression set for 60s:

Set the RoR's Y-axis range (max) to "60" to allow the visibility of the RoR within the graph.

Check the Time expression

  1. Go to Account > Preferences > General tab
  2. Scroll down to the Roasting section, and refer to the Time expression drop-down menu.

Check the Y-axis range

  1. Go to Account > Preferences > Chart tab
  2. Under Chart axes section, refer to the Y-axis section and the max and min ranges set for Rate of Rise (RoR).