Migration from Probat Middleware to direct integration

What is this?

We have upgraded the Probat Middleware integration to a direct Probat PLC integration. You will not need the Middleware any more. Furthermore, it comes with new features that allow you to control Gas, Drum Speed, Airflow and Replay your roasts from the Cropster interface directly.

What do I have to do?

To use the Probat PLC integration, you need to update your RI machine settings for your Probat Probatone (Series 2) roaster. 

Identifying the IP address of your Probat machine

  1. Make sure the roast machine is connected to your computer or network router and switched on.
  2. Click on the radio tower icon in the lower right corner on the Probat touchscreen to identify the IP address of your roast machine. 

    The IP address and DNS name of your Probat differ from the screenshot.

Updating the Cropster Roasting Intelligence (RI) settings. 

  1. Open the Cropster Roasting Intelligence (RI).
  2. Go to Account > Preferences > Machine tab.
  3. Select Probat PLC from the drop down for all measurements. 

  4. Click on the gear () icon to open the PLC-Settings.
  5. Enter the IP address  of your Probatone.
  6. Save the changes and restart the RI.   

After you have established a successful connection via Probat PLC, you can uninstall the Middleware software. 

For further assistance, please create a support ticket by clicking the Support button in the left lower corner of the app. A Cropster support rep will get in touch with you.