Managing manual brews

We recommend you learn about logging Reference or Test brews before continuing onto this article.

The Log button

To log a brew, click the Log button found on any recipe card.
If you are a Cafe manager, you can find the Log button from the Cafe dashboard, the Recipes overview page, or a recipe's detail page.

Note: If you are logging a brew for a recipe set for a location/station with active connected equipment, and you want to log your brew manually, you can select the log the brew parameters manually option.

Logging the brew parameters manually

Once you have more than one station per location, you can select which station you are using when logging brews. As a result, the brews will only be linked to the equipment in the selected station.

  1. Select the Brew location and Station.
    You will need to select a station if there are multiple stations available within the Cafe location. The brews will only be linked to the equipment in the selected station.
  2. You can update the Roast and Roast date here if you're using a different one. The roast date is automatically filled in if you link the roast's ID-tag.
    If your company uses Cropster Roast and you know the ID-tag of the roast, you can link it. This will connect the brews with the particular roast batch. It can be updated per brew, no need to create a separate recipe. You can also fill in your own identifier for the roast.
  3. Log the rest of the brew parameters.

    If you need to change the weight unit for a certain parameter (e.g. Dose, Yield), simply tap the unit to select the new unit from the drop-down menu.

  4. Add a Brew comment to log any extra information here that should be connected to your brew.
  5. You can log as Test or as Reference to save your brew in the Brew log. You can add as many brews as you would like.
    Learn about Logging Reference or Test brews.

Setting a manually logged brew as a Test

  1. Click the Test button to add the brew to the Brew log (under the reference parameters for this station).
    You may register multiple brews under the Brew log before tapping the Done button.
  2. Click the Done button at the bottom of the page to log your Test brew(s).
    To mark a logged Test brew from the brew log as the Reference for the recipe, refer to this section before selecting Done.

If you do not click Done, the brews will not be logged.

Setting a manually logged brew as a Reference

Click the Reference button to automatically set the inputted brew information and parameters as the active reference.

If you have already added some Test brews to the Brew log, tap the Star icon () next to the brew, and tap Done to set the brew as the new reference.

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