Logging Reference or Test brews

Reference or Test?

When logging brews manually, or when evaluating automatically logged brews, you can set your brew as a Reference or Test

  • Reference: Logging your brew as a Reference will update the recipe's brew parameters. We will then copy its input parameters to subsequent brews captured under the same recipe (until the reference is updated); it will become the new brewing standard for this recipe for this station. 
  • Test: Logging your brew as a Test will not update the recipe. It will log the brew as a regular brew. This be useful when 'dialing-in' espresso, or during the initial creation of a recipe.

For example, when dialing-in espresso, if a brew does not meet your brewing standards, evaluate it as a Test. Once you have logged your ideal brew, update the recipe by evaluating the brew as a Reference.

Setting brews as a Reference or Test

Learn about evaluating brews as a Reference or Test through these articles:

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