How to set up product attributes

In this manual you will learn how to set up product attributes.

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Product attributes

The best way to manage weight options is to set up Product attributes. Once you have created attributes, you will be able to select them when creating a new product.

The Product attribute names cannot have any empty spaces in between. (i.e. if you are setting a Product attribute for "2lb" it should say 2lb and not 2 lb).

Hint: We recommend to leave the Slug field blank when creating a new Product attribute, or Attribute term, this will prompt the system to auto-generate an appropriate slug for the product attribute.

  1. From your Dashboard, go to Products > Attributes.
  2. From the Attributes pageenter the name for the attribute.
    Note: Leave the "slug" field empty.

  3. Click the Add attribute button when ready.

  4. Once you have added an attribute (i.e. GrindSize), click on Configure terms.

  5. To add a new attribute term, set its name.
    Note: Leave the "slug" field empty.
  6. (optional) Enter a description.

  7. Click the Add new <AttributeTerm> button to finish.