How to set comments in the RI

This article covers how to set and manage comments and how to use the auto-comment feature. 

With the release of RI4, you can mark comments either by Bean Temperature or Time. Furthermore, there is the option to auto-mark development events such as color change, first crack and second crack based on the bean temperature of the reference roast. 


Comment preferences

Events can be marked either by Bean temperature or by Time (=the default). The auto-comment feature allows you to auto-mark development events (color change, first crack and second crack) according to the bean temperature of the reference's events.

This needs to be selected within the Roasting Intelligence (RI) Preferences. 

  1. Log in to the RI. 
  2. Go to Account > Preferences > General tab. 
  3. Under Roasting, you can switch between marking events by Bean temperature and Time
  4. If you want to enable the auto-comment feature to automatically mark Color change, First crack and Second crack, check the box next to Auto-mark development events.
    Auto-comments will always be set by bean temperature.
  5. Click Save.

Customizing comments

The comments can be customized depending on the information you want to capture during a roast. 

  1. Go to Account > Preferences > Chart tab.
  2. Under Reference curve, you can select what comments you would like to display with the reference curve: 
    • Select the reference information you would like to see in the sidebar during roasting.
    • Select the information you would like to see as a line in the roasting chart.
  3. Under Add comments, you can customize the information you would like to track during a roast by the help of the comments window.
    • If you are tracking Gas and Airflow manually, you can decide whether you want to have the upcoming Gas changes pre-filled according to the reference. So you only need to hit enter when tracking gas changes.

Marking events

Cropster allows you to mark events and add comments during the roast. 

  1. While roasting, click anywhere on the chart to open the comment box.
    • The time/temperature stops at the moment you open the comment box and can be manually revised if needed. 
    • If Gas/Airflow pre-filling is enabled, you will find the upcoming change entered in the respective field. To submit the change just click the respective button. Only enter numerical values under Gas and Airflow so a graph can be generated within C-sar.
    • To mark Color change and First crack, hit the respective button. 
    • To enter a personal note, use the text field at the bottom and click Text comment
  2. Use the Comments button at the left-hand side too open the comments side-bar.
    • Delete a comment by clicking the trash bin () icon.
    • Revise a comment by clicking the pen ()icon.