How to run Roasting Intelligence (RI) offline

In this article you will learn about running Roasting Intelligence (RI) without an active internet connection.

The "Continue offline" button

If you would like to run RI offline, you must click the Continue offline button. The button will be displayed after you have successfully signed in with an active internet connection, and having enabled the Remember credentials checkbox:

  1. Open our roasting application Cropster Roasting Intelligence (RI)
  2. Enter your Username and password in their respective fields.
  3. Check the Remember credentials checkbox.
  4. Click the Login button

Next time you are opening RI, the Continue offline button will be displayed from the bottom-right corner of the login window.

By logging out from RI (via Account > Log out), personal data like user credentials and selected machine will be cleared. Machine settings will have to be inputted anew.

Running RI offline

Note: If you have not yet set up your Roasting Intelligence (RI) app with your Machine settings, you will not be able to set them up without an internet connection. Please establish and save your Machine settings before intending to roast with RI offline.

If you lack an internet connection, once you click the Login button you will see the following:

Hint: A quick way to check whether the login issue lies within your local network is by connecting to another available network such as a mobile hotspot.

If you have an active internet connection and you still receive the message in the picture above, please reach out to Cropster Support.

When you open Roasting Intelligence (RI), it will try to automatically synchronize with our server. If you are not connected to an active internet connection when logging in, you can click the Continue offline button to log in without prompting the initial sync of the application.

When using RI offline, the roasts logged will stay safely on your computer until you connect to the internet again to synchronize them. Once you are done roasting you will want to connect to an active internet connection to upload your roasts. Once connected, click the Synchronize button from the bottom-left corner of the application to upload them.

What does it mean to be running RI offline?

When running RI without an internet connection, the following applies:

  • Roasted batches cannot be synced.
  • Pending scheduled roasts will not be imported to RI.
  • Updates to your profiles, lots, and other data modified, or added from C-sar, will not be reflected.
  • AI-powered predictions will not function properly, or be unavailable for use.

You are now ready to run RI offline!

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