How to print out a page from Cropster

In this article you will learn methods to print a page from Cropster.

On the details page of any SG-, PG-, PB-, PR, QS- and QC-lot, you will find the Export button. 

There are several options to print out the information from Cropster. Click the Export button and choose your option from the dropdown.

Export to Excel

If you want to structure your information, click Export to Excel. Choose again the information you want to include to your Export before downloading it. Your lot information will be downloaded to an Excel file where you can add further information before printing it out from your Excel-program.

Generate sample labels (SLIC)

To learn more about this, please click on the following link: Sharing lot information using SLIC (for coffee traders)

Print full details

The Print full details option is only available for green lots and roasted lots.

If you want to print a more detailed view of your lot, use the Print full details button. A window will appear where you can choose the information you want to print out.

Quality PDF

The Quality PDF option will export your the lot's information as well as any cupping data linked to this lot, in a PDF file. (i.e. Cupping session, scores, evaluators). It will also provide a diagram representing the cupping scores from the lot.

Quality PDF Summary

The Quality PDF Summary, much like the Quality PDF, except this one also provides the inclusion of physical data recorded. This one also has a diagram representation of the sensorial data from the lot.


The Print button is available on all details pages.

When clicking Print, a window will pop open where you can choose the information you want print out.