How to manage consumed lots

This article explains the handling of consumed lots.

Note: When you have used your entire stock of a lot of green coffee and the actual weight is 0 kg/lbs, it will be automatically marked as consumed

This can also be done manually in several different ways. Should a lot be marked as consumed, either through an intentional change, a misclick, an incorrectly input weight, or otherwise, there are also methods to reverse it and re-label it as in stock. 

Consumed versus deletion

Deleting a lot will remove it entirely from your history, making it unrecoverable. Marking a lot as consumed will allow you to view it and add it back into your active inventory without undergoing the process of labelling, organizing, and linking it to other lots and profiles, and it can be easily undone. 

Hint: We recommend to mark a lot as consumed rather than to delete it.

Accessing consumed lots

Depending on your view, the lots disappear from the main overview page. To access them anyway, follow the steps below: 

  1. Log in to the online platform C-sar
  2. Go to Green Inventory in the menu. 
  3. Click the Customize button top right and move the toggle button to the right to include consumed green inventory.

Marking lots as consumed

There are several ways to manually mark a green lot as consumed:

Via the overview page

To mark one or more than one lot as consumed, follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to the Green Inventory overview page 
  2. Check the box related to the lot(s) you want to mark as consumed. 
  3. A menu at the top of the table appears. Click Manage > Mark consumed

Hint: You can also consume lots by enabling the Has been consumed column via the Customize button. Click the Mark consumed button to consume a lot.

Via the lot's page

A green lot can also marked as consumed in the individual lot view. 

  1. Go to the lot's detail page, by clicking on the PG-tag of the lot.
  2. Click Manage > Mark consumed from the drop-down menu. 

Unconsuming a consumed lot

When restocking a consumed lot, the easiest way is to adjust the weight of the lot you want to unconsume. 

  1. Go to the Green Inventory overview page and access the consumed lot as shown here
  2. Click the scale () icon and enter a new lot weight (>0).

    This can also be done via lot's detail page by clicking on Manage > Adjust weight in the upper right side of the screen.

Note: If you want to merge a lot into a consumed lot, you will have to unconsume the lot first.