How to add a shipping weight or price for product variations

  1. From your Dashboard, go to Products.
  2. Hover over the (variable) product in question, then click Edit.
  3. Scroll down to the Product data section, then click Variations.
  4. Hover over the Variation you would like to edit, then click on it to open more details. After selecting the product Variation in question, you may edit the following:
    • SKU
    • Regular price: Price for the variant
    • Sale price
    • Stock status
    • Weight**
    • Dimensions**
    • Shipping class**
    • Description
    • Wholesale prices*: Wholesale prices for the product
    • Wholesale exclusive variation*
      * = Only applies to customers with a Wholesale role
      ** = Only relevant for shipping
    • Scroll down and click the Save changes button when ready.

                Note: The above can also be done via a bulk update of your products (i.e. if you want to update the weight of a product or product variation), you need to verify you choose the "Weight" column as a data point to export).

                To learn how to Bulk update products, and product variations, visit the following article: How to bulk update products