First steps with Cropster Roast - Manual list

Thank you for making the decision to get started with Cropster!

We have made a list of manuals and links we believe essential to help you get through the first steps in your trial.

First steps

  1. Get familiar with our software by watching this short video tutorial: 7 Easy Steps to Help You Get Started with Cropster Roast.

  2. Learn more about the Cropster Roasting Intelligence software.

  3. For more information, check out the Manual list below, or feel free to book a demo with a Cropster representative.

Manual list

Hint: To prepare for your Cropster trial, you can download Cropster Cup for quick and easy cupping on the App Store, Google Play, or Amazon. Find more useful tips and tricks on your dashboard, or on our Helpdesk.

Thank you for being a Cropster customer!

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