Connected equipment - Evaluating brews

In this article you will learn the essential process of evaluating automatically logged (espresso machine) brews.

Cropster Cafe gives you the opportunity to evaluate a brew during your QC process to add more information (i.e. TDS, Extraction, Descriptors), as well as to update the roast batch/date, and set a new Reference

Once you have linked your espresso machine to recipes, and you've logged brews with it, access the Brews tab where you can Evaluate the brews.

The brew log only shows brews and excludes flushes. For La Marzocco connected machines, any use of the buttons that is under 10 seconds is considered a flush.

Evaluating brews

  1. From the Cafe dashboard, tap on the espresso machine you want to review to access its detail page.

  2. Select the Brews tab.
  3. Select the checkbox next to the brew you wish to evaluate, and click the Evaluate button. 
    Selecting the Evaluate button triggers the brew-logging interface.

    When evaluating brews on mobile, tap the ">" icon on the brew listing to prompt the brew-logging interface.
  4. Input the brew parameters you wish to log.
    Parameters automatically captured from the espresso machine cannot be adjusted (e.g. temperature, time, etc.)
    If you need to change the weight unit for a certain parameter (e.g. Dose, Yield), simply tap the unit to select the new unit from the drop-down menu.

  5. You can update the Roast and Roast date here if you're using a different one. The roast date is automatically filled in if you link the roast's ID-tag.
    If your company uses Cropster Roast and you know the ID-tag of the roast, you can link it. This will connect the brews with the particular roast batch. It can be updated per brew, no need to create a separate recipe. You can also fill in your own identifier for the roast.
  6. Evaluate the brew as a Reference or Test.

Note: If a brew is evaluated as the Reference for a recipe, we will then copy its input parameters to subsequent brews captured under the same recipe (until the reference is updated).

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