Capturing brews automatically with a connected espresso machine

In this article you will learn about automatically log brews when connected to an espresso machine.

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Brew parameters


Parameters automatically captured from the espresso machine depend on your machine's model, but usually include Brew water (pulses or ml), Temperature, Time, and Yield (if your machine has built-in scales).

We also pre-fill the input parameters (i.e. Dose, Grind setting, Roast batch, Roast date) from the current reference for this espresso machine's location (or station). These values can be updated.

The espresso machine detail page

To access the details page for one of your espresso machines, please try the steps outlined below:

  1. Go to the Cafe Dashboard and select the espresso machine's Location.
  2. Select the Espresso machine, under the Connected equipment section.

From the Espresso machine detail page page you can:

Ensuring your brews are captured under the correct recipe

To capture your brews under the correct recipes, you can link each of your espresso machine's buttons to a recipe. 

Until changed, each brew done with the espresso machine's buttons will be stored under the recipes linked.

Note: Multiple buttons can be assigned to the same recipe.

Evaluating automatically captured brews

Once you have linked your espresso machine to recipes, and you've logged brews with it, access the Brews tab where you can Evaluate the brews.

Changing a recipe's roast

Similar to all manual logging, if you want to change the Roast and/or Roast date, you can update an automatically logged brew and save it as the reference. This will update the roast information when logging brews automatically, or manually for this recipe.

    Congratulations! You are ready to capture brews from your espresso machine automatically!

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