Capturing brews automatically with a connected espresso machine

In this article you will learn how to automatically log brews when connected to an espresso machine.

La Marzocco is our first connected partner for Cropster Cafe. We can currently connect to these models:

  • GB5 S AV or ABR (new) 
  • GB5 X AV or ABR (new) 
  • Linea PB AV or ABR
  • Linea PB X AV or ABR
  • KB90 AV or ABR
  • Strada AV or ABR

Stay tuned for more connected brands and models. If you want to be notified, be sure to leave your details here.

The Espresso machine detail page

To access the details page for one of your espresso machines, please try the steps outlined below:

1. Go to the Cafe Dashboard and select the Location corresponding to the espresso machine in question.

2. Select the Espresso machine under the Connected equipment section, to go to the espresso machine's detail page.

The Espresso machine detail page is the key page to work with as a barista operating the espresso machine. From this page, you can:

Note: From an espresso machine's detail page, you can select each brew to evaluate it, or update the reference.

Ensuring your brews are captured under the correct recipe

In order to capture the Brews under the correct recipes, you can link each of your espresso machine's buttons to a recipe. 

Note: Multiple buttons can be assigned to the same recipe.

Please try the following steps to link your espresso machine's buttons to recipes within your Cropster Cafe account:

  1. From the espresso machine's detail page, go to the Recipe tab.
  2. Click Link recipe
  3. Choose a recipe to link.
    Note: Available recipes are espresso recipes with a reference for this machine's location.
  4. Immediately link buttons to this recipe or add it with all buttons unlinked.
    Note: To link a button to a recipe already shown, click/tap the gray button to enable it (turns green). To unlink a button, click/tap the green button, to disable it (turns gray).
    Hint: To link a button to a new recipe, repeat steps 1 through 4.
  5. Click the Link recipe button.

Until changed, each brew done with the espresso machine's buttons will be stored under the recipes linked.

Linking a button that is already linked with another recipe, will automatically, and immediately unlink it from that recipe and link it to the new recipe. Any brews done by pressing the button will be captured under the newly linked recipe.

Note: The underlined buttons depict the long press button function of your machine.

Viewing and evaluating automatically captured brews

From the Brews tab available on the Espresso machine detail page, you see all incoming brews from your espresso machine with their parameters.

From here, you can evaluate a brew during your QC process to add more information (i.e. TDS, Extraction, Descriptors), as well as to update the roast batch/date or set a new reference.

Note: If a brew was done on a button not yet linked to a Recipe, the brew will display "Unknown" in the Recipe column.

  1. From the espresso machine's detail page, go to the Brews tab.
  2. Identify the brew you want to evaluate:
    1. Desktop: Select the brew, then click on the Evaluate button.
    2. Mobile: Tap the Right-arrow button corresponding to the brew.
  3. Add or edit any parameters from the pop-up window.

    Note: Parameters automatically captured from the espresso machine cannot be edited (i.e. Brew water, temperature, etc.).
  4. Log your brew as Reference or Test.
    Note: When logging a brew as a Reference, we'll copy its input parameters to all subsequent brews (until the reference is updated).

Brew parameters

Parameters automatically captured from the espresso machine depend on your machine's model, but usually include Brew water (pulses or ml), Temperature, Time, and Yield if your machine has built-in scales.

We also pre-fill the input parameters (i.e. Dose, Grind setting, Roast batch, Roast date, etc.) from the current reference for this espresso machine's location (or station). These values can be edited.

Updating the roast

Similar to all manual logging, if you want to update the Roast and/or Roast date, please try the following steps:

  1. From the espresso machine's detail page, go to the Brews tab.
  2. Select the brew done with the new Roast, then click the Evaluate button.
  3. Edit the Roast and Roast date parameters.
  4. Log your brew as Reference. We will now copy the Roast information to all subsequent brews.

Congratulations! You are ready to capture brews from your espresso machine automatically!

Thanks for being a Cropster customer! If you have feedback, questions, or concerns, please feel free to reach out by submitting a support ticket directly from

We design and make alterations to our software based on user feedback, so we look forward to seeing what you have to say!